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Posted by garveyk on September 2, 2016 at 5:30 PM

An article was previously published in the Oct. 16, 2013 edition of the Democrat and given to Readington Township. At that time we went over the number of properties that touch on the Pleasant Run and Holland Brook watersheds. There are approximately 927 properties on the Pleasant Run and 1267 on the Holland Brook. (14,884 acres/23.3 sq. miles).

We have had more flooding over the past 4 years and it’s getting worse. There has been a significant increase in both the amount of water and the velocity all due to storm neglect; storm drains [roads], Golf Club retention ponds and other areas of concern. This has continued to cause extensive damage to driveways, bridges, roads, streams, property and more.

The trees, shale, silt, and other debris built up in the streams is getting worse with each flood. This causes the stream to run off its normal course and over roads, driveways and property. Pleasant Run Road has been as much as 5 feet under water. People cannot get in or out of their properties causing emergency problems. The Police/Rescue Squad/Fire Dept. and other emergency services cannot get through to people in need.

The Pleasant Run and Holland Brook Watersheds are also important to clean water feeding into the South Branch of the Raritan River and into Central New Jersey for drinking water. The streams need work and we need to put a group together including, Readington Twp., Hunterdon County, NJDEP, Raritan Headwaters, NJ Fish & Wildlife, and others to determine what direction to go and what grants are currently available that need to be applied for.


A Regional Storm Water Management Plan for the Pleasant Run & Holland Brook Watersheds was prepared for NJDEP Watershed Management Div. in May 2005. The study of this plan was completed in Sept. 2009 and the final complete copy sent to Readington Twp. and others in Jan 2010. [Hard copy and Disc]

After finding out about the study from people at DEP and others, I went to Readington Twp. and no one could find or knew about it. I got a copy (disc) for all parties from Princeton Hydro who did the actual study.

After reading the report, which was complete, I delivered a disc to Readington Twp. – Hunterdon County Engineers – Raritan Headwaters, and others.

The complete study was 109 pages including: Appendix A-Maps B- Data Tables C-Water Quality Management and Monitoring D-Supplementary Benthic Macroinvertebrate results, E-Watershed Pictures with locations and Problems with Corrections. I am asking for the Readington Twp. Committee to read full report and pay attention to the 3 Page Executive Summary. I will send a copy of the summary, but I would like to see everyone read the full study. On page 3 the report lists Pleasant Run & Holland Brook Watersheds as pre-approved for 319h Grants. All we had to do was get the request papers filed. After meeting with Julie Allen and Steve Forester in 2013, they had missed the deadline on the 2014 Grants and then had filed for 2015. For not being aware of the study we missed 5 years of possible 319h Grant assistance.

The Township has recently been allocated $650,000 in the 2015 319h Grant and is waiting for approval of a 48 mo. plan on three sites. (SFY-15 –319h Application)

• Readington River (Buffalo Farm)

• Hillcrest Park (Readington Twp.)

• 3 Bloy Farm – Bauman Stickney Farm (Readington Twp. purchased Horse Trails 25 acres for $587K)

The parameters of the projects above do not do anything to address the problems that I have been asking about for four years and longer. The people on Pleasant Run/Springtown Road/Stanton Road and other areas need help. They cannot keep putting thousands of dollars into repairing the continual damage caused by the flooding. Also, nothing is being done to correct the emergency problems which are getting worse as well. Unfortunately, Readington Twp. did not file for, and has already missed the 2016 319h Grant application deadline, and has yet to file for the 319h Grants for 2017.

In addition to the 319h Grant, the Five Star and Urban Waters Restoration Grant Program for Storm Water Management/Water Monitoring/Water Quality Management and Protection can help to address the major problems with the Pleasant Run and Holland Brook Watersheds. This grant is managed by the EPA – USFS – USFWS and funded by such companies as: FedEx, Bank of America, PG & E, Southern Company, and more.

Grant applications have been sent to Readington Twp. but it appears nothing has ever been applied for in the way of additional financial assistance. Why are we not going after any of these funds or the multitude of other grants available in order to address and remediate the flooding problems?

We are asking for help again and need direction and suggestions from the Township as a large group of taxpayers. I would be happy to forward any of the studies that I have mentioned.

Thank you,

Kenneth J. Garvey (4 Pleasant Run Road resident for 46 yrs.)

** Please click on the Photos tab to see the most recent pictures local residents have posted of area flooding.


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