Pleasant Run Flood Control


What you need to know about becoming a Member

As a Member, you can provide important details as to what has been happening at your location and any changes you have witnessed.  This information will not be shared publicly on the website, or with any other Members.


When you register, you will be asked to complete the questions below.  Once compiled, this information will be critical in defining the problems and determining the appropriate party to work on solving the applicable issues.  This information will be private & stored as a part of your Member Profile. You can edit or add to it at any time by selecting "Edit My Profile" from the Home page.  


  • Your street address
  • Number of years you have lived there
  • Changes in the water flow over the last 3 years
  • Any other problems as a result of the excessive flooding


Also, by becoming a member, you will be able to create an album and upload any photos/videos you would like to share - these photos will be available to be viewed publicly by anyone who enters the website.  Comments can be added to the photos if there is anything you would like to call attention to that you feel is pertinent such as:  the specific storm, date, direction of photo (facing N, S, E, W), etc.


This information, in conjunction with any photos, will be used during on going meetings with local representatives, engineers, etc. in order to illustrate the areas of concerns and assist in planning remediation tactics.


Your participation is sincerely appreciated -

Thank you for joining !





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